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We at BRL Laboratory use the best sampling technique available in the market so that the accurate result on diagnosis can be achieved. We believe that the treatment can only be success when the accurate reports has been generated by the Laboratories.

Some of the labs do not use the recommendation made by WHO resulting inaccurate diagnostic reporting leading to improper treatment.
We always maintain every standard in our laboratory. Sanitization, Safety measures and neat & clean environment is our focused patient-centric methods we adopt to have sufficient control over our diagnostic system.

BRL Labs
BRL Labs is a specialized lab having its head office at Rangeli Road, Biratnagar, Nepal and have several branches at different cities in Nepal.
We at BRL Labs provide full range of Laboratory Services. We have affiliated Hospitals, Labs, Clinics & Nursing Homes in Biratnagar and neighboring cities. We only provide accurate lab reports so that our customers are benefited from correct diagnosis and treatment. You can avail our online lab reports totally free of cost.
Sample Collection
Our specialized dedicated team are always on the market throughout the day to collect the sample. They can be contacted through our office.
Accurate Reports
Accurate reporting is our main focused points of service. We believe that without accurate reporting the treatment can not be successful & the desired level of recovery is impossible.
Online Lab Reports
We have established the best & efficient reporting trend of Online Reporting. Of course, you can collect every report from our laboratory but you can avail our most Advanced Online Reporting Service without any delay 365/7/24 free of cost which can be made successful in collaboration with our technology partner - 'NITSOON Technology' by their World Class Software - 'onlineERPpro'.
Automated SMS
There is our very efficient time managed Automated SMS system. SMS is sent automatically within second by our system when the report is generated by our laboratory team so that you can find the reports without any delay. All these are powered by our technology partner -'NITSOON Technology' by their World Class ERP Software -'onlineERPpro'.